Rolls-Royce AGMC Pro-Am Golf Day

The Brief

Noble Events were tasked with organising Rolls-Royce’ Pro-Am golf competition in December 2020 at the Montgomerie Golf Club; a coveted annual event put on for their senior team and over 50 valued customers.

The ability to display cars both at the front of the clubhouse and on the greens along with having sponsorship involvement were must-haves for the event.

Noble Events wanted to ensure a memorable event which meant coming up with a great concept.  The key element of the brief was to come up with activations for each of the 18 holes.

Always thinking of the guest’s journey, Noble Events, put forward some excellent activations with hints of branding at every step of the way, including purple carpet and small branded touch pioints.

Rolls-Royce AGMC Pro-Am Golf Day

Activations and Sponsorship

Noble Events worked in collaboration with some of Rolls-Royce’ key partners, Pearls and Louis XIII Cognac, to discuss sponsorship opportunities that were mutually beneficial whilst ensuring they had maximum exposure.

For the activations, along with some of the usual nearest the pin, beat the pro and longest drive competitions, we also included a photographer and an interactive food station, whilst also incorporating some of Rolls-Royce’ iconic sayings

“Whatever is rightly done, however humble is noble”

“Accept nothing nearly right or good enough”

“Take the best that exists and make it better”

Rolls-Royce AGMC Pro-Am Golf Day

The Verdict

Despite last minute changes to some of the activations requiring new print material, the client was extremely pleased and guests left the event saying it was one of the best they had attended.

Noble Events Senior Event Manager leading the project said “Sometimes with repeat events you can get stuck in a rut of doing things as they have always been done,  With this one it was refreshing to see Rolls-Royce embracing our ideas to create a unique and memorable event”.