Lamborghini Urus Roadshow

The Brief

The Lamborghini Urus Roadshow kicked off with four waves of loyal customers and VIP guests over two days in Bahrain in late November 2020, before heading to Dubai in early December. 

It was imperative for the roadshow to be ‘on brand’, no matter which country or city, so the Noble Events team sourced high quality caterers, stunning art gallery style venues, and hotel accommodation for staff and crew. 

We were responsible for planning and executing the entire roadshow, working closely with the client to create a fantastic experience aimed at showcasing the Lamborghini Urus and the launch of its new colours.

Each event included a city drive, Urus exhibit and presentations, and high-end Italian catering, all within a contemporary urban setting.

Locations & Venues

The Bahrain venue was identified following exhaustive research during which many potential options were assessed. In the end, Gallery 21 was selected as it was a perfect fit both with the Lamborghini brand and the event experience the client wanted to create. The café made for a great presentation area, and the restaurant provided a superb bright space with greenery, for the lavish Italian cuisine.

In Dubai, the event was held at the ME Dubai which is housed in the iconic Opus building. #12 was the perfect setting to create an urban gallery feel, complete with a live artist and floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Urus line up outside the hotel.

The Schedule

The schedule was the same for each country location, with the morning group being greeted on arrival by our onsite team and invited to enjoy coffee and pastries before listening to a technical presentation and driver briefing. The couples were then shown to their vehicles and embarked upon their well-thought driving routes, planned to ideally compliment the Urus. On return to the venue, the morning group joined afternoon guests for a three course seated Italian lunch, hosted by the Lamborghini team. 

After lunch, the afternoon group were shown the presentation and driver briefing before embarking on their Urus drive, and concluding their experience with the final presentation.


Despite the various challenges of Covid-19 and the ever changing local regulations associated with the pandemic, the roadshow was extremely well received by both client and customers.

Of the Bahrain event, our Senior Event Manager, Lydia Galbraith, said “The venue could not have been more accommodating and helpful. The spaces worked well for the kit and from a delegate flow perspective. It was a lovely team onsite and we very much worked as a team to make it a successful event.”

Reporting from Dubai, Senior Event Manager Katie said, “It was fantastic to be the first group into this stylish and inspiring hotel, with such an unusual set up and amazing product it was a great success”.

Taher Ali, Marketing Manager for Lamborghini, responded “The pleasure was all ours. Thanks to you and the team for running the event so smoothly. All the best for the upcoming drives.”

The roadshow is expected to travel to Saudi Arabia and Oman in early 2021.

Lamborghini Urus Roadshow
Lamborghini Urus Roadshow