GM Cadillac Villa Escalade

The Brief

As part of a 360-marketing approach, Noble Events were tasked with launching the 2020 Cadillac Escalade within an immersive bespoke experience culminating in the big vehicle reveal. The event took place over 12 live days and welcomed 160 guests from automotive journalists, influencers and key customers.

The event was to be held at a villa in a neighbourhood which reflected that of an Escalade customer whilst still being on brand.  The villa had to offer enough space to allow strict adherence to social distancing and COVID safety measures.  The other key event criteria was the ability to display two vehicles inside the villa itself.   The full event had the added complexity of being live streamed with an interactive element throughout for Cadillac’s social media audience.

Location & Venue

Noble Events conducted extensive research into suitable villas and neighbourhoods, visiting each of them to understand the feasibility of displaying cars within.

Ultimately the Client chose Malhas Villa in Emirates Hills on the understanding that the cars would be displayed within the underground parking, a compromise they were willing to make due to Malhas Villa’s prestigious location.

GM Cadillac Villa Escalade

The Schedule

During the media days of the event a three-course seated menu, inspired by middle eastern flavours, was served on the terrace by the infinity pool. A barista was set-up in the customer lounge serving premium coffee with an added Cadillac touch.

The journey through the villa included a number of activation and touch points including a gallery of the Escalade’s historical moments showing its adaptation through the decades. We also introduced a live clay artist imitating the design and development of two key areas of the Escalade. We also worked closely with Oo La Lab to develop a custom scent for Villa Escalade which was not only pumped throughout the villa using a special scent cannon but was also transferred into candles as a special customer giveaway. A customer lounge was set-up including small branded touch points like branded cushions, a lifestyle wall canvas and subtle splashes of Cadillac colour throughout.

To showcase one of the key features of the Escalade - it’s enhanced sound system using AKG speakers - we created an AKG cinema experience with the 8D sound technology. The final room in the villa was the vehicle itself. We transformed the basement beyond recognition into a custom environment where we told the story of ’The Makers’.

GM Cadillac Villa Escalade


The event was a great success; organic coverage across social media was so good that we had people calling to see if they could attend the event themselves.

Senior Event Manager, Jenny Homer, who lead on the project said “It was a wonderful experience working alongside both client and their various agencies to bring Villa Escalade to life. Seeing the 110-page walkthough document in real life was a proud moment”.

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